Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6 – National Pawnbrokers Day

I love pawn shops! We used to live right down the road from Yuppie Pawn, it was a great little pawn shop, I bought a camera, Nintendo games & accessories, and a couple other things from there.

Since we moved we have not been to the local Pawn Shop so we decided to go take a good look around. Musical instruments, tools, and guns…that pretty much sums up the inventory. So if you are a country guy or need props for a country music video…it’s the place to go. Being that I used to work for Black & Decker/DeWalt, I take a special interest in the tools – there are all the older models, I like looking at them and inspecting them myself. We found an accordion that looked to be in great shape, a English saddle, and a video camera from about 1985 – you know those big ones that weigh 12lbs – looked just like the one we had when I was little.

Pawn shops are a great place to relive the past, you can find all sorts of things fro your childhood. Oh, I also saw a slide projector, and some mounted animals in case you don’t want to shoot them yourself, but enjoy having dead animals on your wall staring at you.

Thank goodness for pawnbrokers to take all of our crap and give us a faction of the value in return. Whoever traded in that video camera better spend that $1.02 wisely!

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