Friday, October 9, 2009

October 9 – Curious Events Day

There are many things I am curious about: Why do people have rooms in their houses that no one can go into? What are people thinking when they go 10 mph under the speed limit? Why is there a person running across the highway? Why did the man climb the fence of the tiger cage? (he fell in and surprisingly was mauled by the tiger…he did live though!) Why do some people choose to be so unhappy in life? Why would a huge bus try to turn around in a tiny parking lot? (This happened at work today) Did that person really get up this morning and think…”I look good in this!”? What is Duke thinking about when he is hopping through the tall grass like a rabbit on steroids?

I supposed I have a few things that I do that people would be curious about: I never set any clocks or alarms, or time on the microwave/oven to numbers that are multiples of 5 = I just don’t like them. When eating pizza I take all the toppings off – including the cheese, and then I put the sausage or pepperoni back on = I just don’t like cheese on pizza. I honestly feel like everything is alive and I apologize when I am going to buy something in a store and then I decide to put it back, I tell the item it’s not their fault and someone better will come along and buy them = sad, but true.

I decided today though as I was thinking about curious events that the most curious thing I have ever witnessed…people in general. I don’t understand why people define themselves by how much money they make, why they don’t share struggles – and feel that everyone needs to see them as having it all together…let me let you in on a secret…. NO ONE HAS IT ALL TOGETHER, AND IF THEY SAY THEY DO…THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.

Everyone is struggling with things, wouldn’t it just be easier if we all shared and supported each other, and stopped living in a fake world. If you know me and I told you I made 100,000 a year would I suddenly turn into a different person? If I made 10,000 a year am I suddenly different…NO I am the same person, so why does it define us? If I am having problems at home, is that somehow changing the essence of who I am? No. I just don’t get it. I am one of the most open people I think you will ever meet. You can ask me anything and I will tell you my answer. If you think less of me…that’s your problem, not mine. I have been talking about this since college, I don’t understand. I am sure it must make sense to be secretive, because most people are, but I don’t think I will ever get it. Therefore this is my most curious event ever, if I ever figure it out I’ll share it.
Oh I also am very curious to know what these people were thinking! (The last one is the best!)

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