Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 3 – Virus Appreciation Day

I am not so sure that I feel like appreciating viruses. Maybe this day could be Virus Awareness Day, or Virus Elimination Day…but Virus Appreciation Day it is so I will do my best.

Apparently, my computer was joining in on the days festivities as you will notice this is being posted on Oct 4, not Oct 3. My computer decided that to give me the full effect and got a small virus and not let me on the internet hence, I could not post anything.

Today, I watched the Michigan vs. Michigan State football game of course, but I watched it with an Epidemiologist…I am not lying. This is someone who studies Epidemics. She spouted off information on viruses and different types that you could get. (If you know me at all when people start talking science things my eyes glaze over and it all just flies right over my head, while I just keep nodding waiting for it to be over.)

Seeing that I am related to like 6 doctors I have nearly perfected this type of “listening” – I love you Dr. relatives, and I am glad I am related to you, I just don’t understand you.

So today I am just going to appreciate the POWER of viruses. I don’t like them, probably never will, but you have to respect and appreciate the power these little things have.

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