Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct 14 – National Dessert Day

Now THIS is a holiday I can get in to! Desserts….ooooo how I love you! Chocolate, caramel, breaded things, more chocolate, ice cream, TCBY, special desserts only made on certain holidays by certain people…they are all so wonderful!

First thing I did when I got home today was to finish off the Hippo Cake with Jared from Saturday…delicious! While Jared was at class tonight I was planning on making a new dessert that I had never made before…Blonde Brownies (I think they are also called Blondies). New for me so I was very excited. However, we still have not really gone grocery shopping since coming back from Europe…I know we are a little slow. Anyways, yesterday I had a list with me and went to the store to get chopped walnuts and chocolate chips things I wouldn’t just have around the house. Well turns out I need BUTTER, which we don’t have in the house and baking powder. Let me have a moment to be brutally honest…I have no idea what the difference between baking powder and baking soda is…and apparently I need both of them to make these so called Blondies.

Fortunately, I was also planning on including Duke in this day.  I, of course, have a cook book for doggie treats and they have special holiday treats you can make. (This pic is duke waiting for his treats in the oven…you can see he was licking his lips!)  So I had also bought the ingredients for Duke’s dessert. So the blondies are on hold until tomorrow….sad I know.

I distinctly remember learning this in school so I will pass along my wisdom to you all… you can remember how to spell desert and dessert because you WANT more dessert and you don’t want more desert. (Sadly, this is really how I remember how to spell this.)

My friend Sarah W. from Grand Rapids sent me a pic of her pie she made in honor of today! HOORAY!!!! Looks delicious!

Enjoy desserts today! Oh and don’t worry…October is actually National Dessert Month, so you can enjoy them all month long…I mean you have to, you are just doing your part!

OH NO! I am waiting for Duke’s treats to get out of the oven while I am writing this…I just checked on them and they are exploding all over the place! Maybe I should just stick to the basics, cakes and brownies from the box, and cookies – I am pretty good at those…well, most of the time.

Duke LOVED them!

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