Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 30 – National Candy Corn Day

I was so proud of myself when the day started and it ended it pure disappointment! Last night with the help of my sister, Erin, we prepared goodie bags filled with candy corn with a little note in them that said, “Happy Candy Corn Day!” My plan was to disperse them to people I met today and enrich everyone’s life with a little extra knowledge and a sugar buzz.

Erin did her part to promote the day, she was flying back to Maryland so she took a few bags of candy and extra little notes and placed them strategically around the airports in Seattle, Detroit, and Baltimore so that people from all over could appreciate the day.

My part of the day didn’t go so well. Jared and I headed down to Portland to go to a concert and visit with our friends from college, Hillary and Cory, who are now proud Portland residence. We got to their house and I forgot the treats in our car, then we headed downtown to a fabulous dinner and then to the concert…however, I forgot my little goodies bags back in our car at their house and was unable to hand them out to anyone!

Finally, after the concert we arrived back at our friend’s house and it was raining. Jared ran out to the car and grabbed a few bags and I proudly presented them to our hosts for the night. I did all that work for practically nothing, I am glad that Hill and Cory enjoyed them at least. If anyone would like a small goodie bag of candy corn I have about 20 in my car!

So disappointed!

Oh just so you know, no one really knows who invented candy corn. Traditional candy corn always has white on top (tip), orange in the middle, and a yellow bottom.

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