Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27 – Cranky Co-Worker Day

I was a little confused by this day, was I supposed to celebrate the cranky co-workers letting them be cranky, maybe even egging on their crankiness to really bring it out in them? Was I supposed to give them a card and let them know they are cranky? How about making a normally very nice co-worker cranky? All of these could be possible answers. I, however, decided that I would do my best to make no one in the office be a cranky co-worker.

The trick here is knowing how to get on everyone’s good side. In my office that is easy…Chocolate! I made everyone a goodie bag of Snickers, 3 Musketeer, and Reese PB Cups with a little note on them that said “Happy Cranky Co-Worker Day! Here is a little something to help you not be the cranky co-worker” or something to that effect. When they arrived at work they were welcomed to the office by this little bag of tantalizing treats! It worked wonderfully! I was queen of the office, even if I would have been cranky today I don’t think anyone would have cared. Everyone’s hearts were full of gratitude and bellies full of chocolate!

It did make me realize how simple it is to brighten someone’s day. It took all of $9 and 10 minutes to make the little goodie bags and put them on people’s desks, and it brought a little smile to everyone’s face. How often do we wish that people would do something for us, but we don’t do anything for anyone else? My mom always told me growing up “when you are in a bad mood or just feeling icky do something nice for somebody else”. That is probably the best advice I have ever gotten in my whole life. I try to do little things here and there to brighten people’s days. Today reconfirmed that if you do simple things for people it can make them feel appreciated and like they matter.

Go do something for your cranky co-workers today and tomorrow you may not have any cranky co-workers!

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