Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6 – German-American Day

German Americans….I love em! Did you know that with out German-Americans we wouldn’t have the Brooklyn Bridge or E=MC2. Also, we wouldn’t have my co-worker friend Stefanie (I bet you are thinking I spelled her name wrong….I didn’t). I am not sure if this is a German thing or not, but when I asked her if I could pick up a treat for her she requested orange juice…not quite sure about that one :0).

I was talking with Duke this evening about it being German-American Day and he desparately wanted to participate so we headed over to the dog park and found him a German-Friend to share the day with! You can tell by the picture they were getting along just great!

Here is a tiny history on what this day and what German-Americans have contributed to society:

  •  The annual date of German-American Day is based on the arrival on October 6, 1683, of the settlers of Germantown, PA, German immigration predates 1683.
  • The first great victory for freedom of the press in America occurred in 1735 when a jury found John Peter Zenger, a German-American printer and journalist, justified in criticizing the colonial government. 
  •  A Philadelphia German- language newspaper was the first to report the Declaration of Independence.
 Other famous German-Americans:
  • Albert Einstein
  • John Jacob Bausch (Bausch & Lomb)
  • William Edward Boeing
  • Babe Ruth
  • Charles M. Schultz (writer of Peanuts Comic)

For a more complete list you can go to: http://german.about.com/library/blfam_geramABC.htm

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