Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22 – National Nut Day

Fun Nut Facts:

• An Australian has even invented a car that runs on these tasty nuts.
• A peanut is actually a legume and not a nut.
• California produces 70% of the worlds' walnuts
• Cashews are very popular, but did you know their shells are poisonous!
• Touching the shell of the cashew can give you a nasty skin rash as well
• The Macadamia nut originated in Australia but 90% of all macadamia nuts are now grown in Hawaii.

Well everyone at my work is obsessed with chocolate lately, so it seems we have been taking turns bringing in bags of candy. The entire bag is gone by the end of the day too. Today it was Snickers...fitting .I thought, a candy with nuts it in…YUMM! I had 4 just to be sure that I covered the nut thing today. (Don’t worry they were the bite size ones.)

On the way home from work today I stopped to get some of my FAVORITE type of nuts…Cashews! The grocery store must have been celebrating National Nut day as well because all the nuts were on sale for more then 50% off! I accidentally got the ones with salt on them, I prefer the ones with no salt, however, they were still pretty good.

I drove to pick up Jared from work and on one of the small little side roads in his work complex area there was a policeman and he had pulled someone over. I thought to myself – “that sucks, what could that guy have been doing to get pulled over. He probably just got out of work and all his co-workers are driving by him and laughing…embarrassing!”

I picked Jared up, gave him the cashews and he started munching away. Suddenly I looked behind me to see police lights flashing!

UNBELIEVABLE! I had just seen this guy, and now I was the person with all the co-workers driving by. Sure enough we got a call from one of Jared’s friends at work laughing at me. Apparently I did not come to a complete stop. The officer was actually very nice, when he came back to the car with my ticket he told me that he was really sorry because I had an immaculate driving record! I said “It’s ok, I didn’t stop, rolling stops don’t count huh?” He chuckled and said “No.” Then I said “Hey did you know that it is National Nut Day today!” He didn’t know, I offered him some cashews but he declined as he kept laughing at me. I’d like to think I brightened his day a little. Poor guy just trying to do his job and people probably aren’t very nice to him. I smiled and said, “Thanks! Have a great day!” and drove off. (Not sure why I said Thanks, but oh well!)

Overall, I think that National Nut Day was a success, and I brightened the day of that Police officer I think. Most expensive holiday I have celebrated so far, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to brighten someone’s day and educate them on the daily holiday!


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  1. So sorry you got a ticket--and on nut day too! You would think the cop would give you some slack! You know, aren't they supposed to be catching bad guys? (4 year old Jared's quote to the police officer when I rec'd a speeding ticket).