Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12 – International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

Well, I would have been terribly disappointed if this day had provided no frustration for me to scream about. Luckily, the frustration was piled on.

My day started as it usually does waking up at 5:14 to bring Jared to work. After driving him to work and coming back home to finish getting ready, eat cereal, and take duke out to “do his thing”. I realized that Jared had forgotten his lunch. So, I left a few minutes before 6am to bring it to him. I called him at least 10 times, to let him know I was bringing his lunch and have him come get it. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is that Jared NEVER hears his cell phone. I must say he is getting much better, but supposed I was in an accident, stranded on the side of the road, had a really great story to tell him, rushing duke to the hospital…how am I supposed to contact him! Well, he never answered so I went into his work and found some random guy that knew him and handed off the lunch.

Traffic in Seattle is always frustrating to me…Jared was in Michigan last week and he called me to say he was going 80mph on the highway with only a couple other cars in sight….grrrrrrrr…I do not like all the people EVERYWHERE in Seattle, and sometimes it just really gets to me going 5-10mph with a gazillion other people. Even at 6am in the morning the highways are full…Come On People!
Next, work…oh work, a few frustrating projects, then the phones went out which was a catastrophe…quickly averted with some fast acting by my boss and yours truly! A man who was supposed to get back to me at work for the past MONTH still hasn’t and every time I talk to him, he has “No Idea” what is happening and why I am still calling him and tells me to email the info to him again!
At the gym all my machines were taken and I was forced to ride a really uncomfortable bike and the little TV screen that is hooked up to is was BLARRING in my headphones and no matter how much I pushed “VOLUME DOWN” everyone was still at yelling volume!

Luckily, Jared had a great day at work! So we went out to McDonalds to celebrate and try to win the MILLION dollars in McDonalds Monopoly…The frustration starts again…I clearly said MED COKE and the man put in LARGE 2 times! Finally we got that cleared up…then we got home and saw that they gave us the wrong fries…the ones WITHOUT the monopoly pieces! AHHHHH.

So, I had a Moment of Frustration Scream and I am feeling much better. I am thinking that instead of 1 day a year this should be like a weekly, if not daily occurrence!
After my scream I am feeling much more relaxed, I ate a piece of my Hippo Cake and cuddled under a blanket with Duke because our apartment is FREEZING! – I have not taken off my coat all day…well I did to work out, but that is obvious…I hope it is anyway.

So let it all out today! You’ll feel better.
P.S. Another comic relief = try taking pictures of yourself with your frustrated face on!  Proved to be very entertaining for me!

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