Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oct 13 – Face Your Fears Day

When I began thinking about today I thought, Fears…HA I don’t have any real fears…I laugh in the face of danger! Then slowly I discovered that I have fears and some are totally random. First though here are the top 9 fears according to Forbes Magazine:

1. Bugs/Mice/Bats/Snakes – this fear has rates a 0 on my fear scale. In college the house I lived in with 3 other girls was invaded by mice and one of my roommates and I spent one late night catching all the babies that were running around outside the door of my room with a plastic bucket! (They were about the size of a half dollar…don’t worry we got them all (9) and the mama!)

2. Heights – I think I am slightly afraid of heights, I more like to freak myself out with heights…scary, but I like it.

3. Water – LOVE THE WATER...sometimes I can freak myself out that something is going to attack me and grab my toes…Thanks KATIE…but again it’s kinda fun to freak myself out.

4. Public Transportation – not a fan of being crammed into the trains and subways in foreign countries, but fear…I think not. Check out this video! (they honestly do this…I have witnessed)

5. Storms – I am in love with storms, definitely no fear!

6. Closed Spaces – my very best friend from 1st grade has a little problem with elevators and things…in 4th grade I volunteered to walk up like 30-40 flights of stairs with her on a field trip because she wouldn’t go in the elevator…our teacher went with us and we both thought he was going to have a heart attack! Love you Amy & I would do again for you anytime!

7. Tunnels/Bridges – I have developed this fear of having a bridge collapse and being trapped in my car while it is sinking. I desperately want to get one of those things that cut your seatbelt and smashes your window to keep in my car! I seriously start to get sick to my tummy when Duke is in the car with me and I let myself think about it because I get so worried that I wouldn’t be able to save Duke! Sometimes I ride with my hand on the “window down” button so that I can push it as soon as we start going in…then the water can come in and I would be able to open the door. Facing this fear…I must do it every day because I go across the 520 floating bridge everyday to work. (Floating…even scarier cause there is not much time before you are in the water.)

8. Crowds – I have this fear...I get really hot, anxious, and irritated when I am in a swarm of people and can’t get out. I have to be on the edge of groups, and I usually hang towards the back so I don’t get sucked in. Just ask Jared…it’s not pretty. WARNING to other people who are like this when visiting the Vatican….nightmare! I think this is part of the reason I am NOT a fan of tours.

9. Speaking in public – I am not good at this, so I don’t like it, but fear…I don’t think so.

So here are my fears summed up:

1. Being stuck in my car underwater…fear is multiplied by 10 if Duke is in the car!
2. Being stuck in crowds
3. Feet – I HATE THEM! – I won’t let Jared touch me with his feet; I just think all feet are gross.
4. Long finger/toe nails…not fake ones, but when people forget to clip them…gross it freaks me out.
5. Nakedness…I have been called a naked-phobe basically my whole life…it’s true

So, today I of course had to drive across the bridge…and I made myself do it on the way home from work too (usually I take the back way). I haven’t clipped a few of my finger nails in a little and I am totally disgusted by it. I made myself think about my car falling in the water with Duke in it while I drove across the bridge…and tonight when Jared gets home from his MBA classes I am going to attempt to rub his feet…I seriously am not sure if I can do that…I am shuttering just thinking about it!

So I just did it! Jared thought to get the full effect I should have to kiss his big toe! I feel disgusting! Pic 1 is of my foot rub...pic two is me going in for the kiss!


  1. ewwww!!
    ps. im really sorry that I didn't swing by seattle. =(