Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19 – Evaluate Your Life Day

As I was walking through the 40+ acre dog park today with Duke and watching him jump wildly through the grass I began to evaluate my life. I had just gotten off the phone with one of my very good friends for over 10 years. I thought about it…my life…and the things that really matter to me. I have been so blessed in my life!

I have a family who sticks by me through thick and thin allowing me to be myself, make mistakes, and try new things – even though they often think I am crazy – they are always there encouraging me.  They taught me to laugh at myself and at life in general – it takes way too much unnecessary energy to take life seriously.

I have a phone filled with phone numbers of people I could call at any moment that would help me with anything without asking questions, and I would do the same for them without taking a breath. My best friend has been my best friend since 1st grade, we grew up together – we are more like sisters then friends I would say. I have great friends from high school and college who I keep in close touch with - all who are supportive and uplifting, but who will tell me when I am really screwing up too. I am married to a wonderful man who cares about me, my goals, and my feelings.

I attend an amazing church where the music is so loud I can pretend I am the great singer I always wanted to be and no one around me has to suffer! It encourages me to be a better person & makes me realize how awesome God is!

That’s it. Those are the important things in my life. However since we are evaluating my WHOLE life here the other areas I discovered on the internet I was supposed to evaluate:

1. Career/Business – Still have no idea where I am going with this, but I am sure in time it will come to me. Right now I am focused on gaining new experiences and enjoying getting up in the morning and having a job to go to.

2. Personal Development – My blog has taken on this role and I am loving it! I am learning so much, this is such a fun thing for me to do!

3. Financial/Material – I have everything I need and then some, sometimes I catch myself being too focused on this and then I just have to remember what is really important to me, and this begins to seem very insignificant.

4. Family – previously discussed

5. Intimate Relationships – previously discussed

6. Health & Fitness – I recently joined a gym and I am surprisingly enjoying my workouts!

7. Spiritual Development – Our series in church right now is awesome, and I recently started a new devotional that is really great!

I definitely have high points and low points, but right now I am on a high and I am planning to ride it out for as long as I can! I love this song…I tell Jared that it is my life theme song…however I am compiling a whole list of “Life Theme Songs”…so I guess it is just one of them. I will let you all know when the release of my CD is. Haha! I hope you enjoy it….If you want the see the music video click this link, otherwise you can just look at the picture and enjoy! (PS: I am happy to say, I don't have room to put pics of everyone!)

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