Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8 – American Touch Tag Day

I fear that his was my worst celebrated day so far. I did my best though. My only partners in playing tag were:
1. Duke
2. My 7 month pregnant friend, Adriane.

We did attempt to play tag at the dog park, Duke started out as being “IT”, he tagged Adriane. Adriane I must say is surprisingly fast for a pregnant woman! She hit me yelling “You’re IT” it true Tag fashion and then took off running down the woodchip path! I let her get a little head start and then started jogging….she was still pulling away from me. I sped up to a sprint, and it took me a little bit to catch her! It was amazing! Either I am WAY WAY WAY slower then I used to be, which I am sure is partly true, or Adriane is some sort of pregnant super woman!

The game quickly died, I was afraid of her running anymore. While I was chasing her I yelled at her “YOU CAN’T BE RUNNING LIKE THIS - SLOW DOWN!” Really I was just embarrassed how long it was taking me to catch her.

So…if you have more friends then me, gather them together and play a game of tag! You could even switch it up and play Freeze Tag (my personal favorite), Spider Tag, ghost tag, or as I saw on Super Nanny tonight – MUD Tag (which looked to be freeze tag, but to get un-stuck in the mud you had to be hugged and kissed by another person. I suggest only playing this with family…may be a little awkward to play with your friends from work or something. However, I am sure Michael Scott would love the idea.)

It’s hard to take a picture while you are playing tag, so that picture demonstrates how I feel I did in celebrating this day...pathetic!

Oh, on you can search “24 hours game of tag”…it’s part of a Japanese game show…interesting and sort of plays into tomorrows day…Curious Events Day.

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