Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7 – Balloons Around The World Day

OOOO Balloons! Where to begin….as I was thinking about today I started to think, how did someone come up with balloons. “Let’s fill this plastic thing with air and then it will sit on the ground full of air! Hey, maybe we can hit it back and forth so that it doesn’t sit on the ground. We could make millions with this idea!” - I am sure it went something like that.

Then you have people trying to add onto the idea “Let’s twist it around and then we can sell it for more cause it is a twisted up thing filled with air!”

Anyway…I went to the party store today to pick up some balloons to try my hand and this craft. I walked in and asked for balloons to make animals and things and was brought to this wall where you can buy a bag of 100 balloons! Now, I am all for celebrating the day, but A. I would pass out by the time I did 20 and B. What am I going to do with 100 balloons? I think the sales woman understood, because after letting me stand there in shock for a few moments she said…”or we have this little kit with 20 balloons, a little book, and a pump.” – It was perfect!

I began to look at the book, but I quickly threw it aside and just dove in, blew up balloons and started twisting. I am not really a direction reader…I’ll glance at them, but I just look at the end picture and go from there.

I started a few things and then when I felt like I should be done and let go the entire thing untangled itself and became a lumpy long balloon again. Needless to say I ended up reading…some of the directions.

After I got the hang of it I would say I am pretty skilled at making things out of balloons. For instance, look at my hat in the picture….I came up with that all by myself! That’s right people, not even a picture to go off of! My true talents are emerging! If you would like one I am starting to take orders.

I talked with my nephew on the phone today… (He is 11 months old). I told him what day it was and naturally he wanted to participate so he found some balloons and sent a picture of himself playing with them!

There is a website for this day and you can find some balloon makers in your area.

You have to check out this guy in Seattle…OH SEATTLE the odd people you hold! His name is OWL if that’s any indication, and if you see the picture with this link…Oh my! That’s all I have to say about that:

Take a look at all my creations! (the pink and green thing in the lower left were mess ups...I wanted to show my progression as an artist!)  Starting at the top you have: Dog, Parrot on a Swing, Swan (I think it looks like a snake) Bottom Row: Sword, mess-ups, Octopus, my Hat!

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  1. I caught up on my "Michelle Blog" today, and I have to say, it's quite good! I wish I had been there for balloon day, it looked very fun (you are becoming a fantastic balloon artist!), but I'm very excited to participate in tag day!