Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20 – Brandied Fruit Day

Well, this day has taught me at least 2 things:

1. You cannot buy liquor in a normal store in WA – only in a liquor store

2. According to the brandied fruit recipes I saw I was supposed to be letting my fruit sit in brandy for the past few weeks and I am supposed to pour it over something else, like meat or something – not just eat it plain! Oops.

Thanks to the nice man at Walgreen’s I found a liquor store…actually not too far from my house so that was great! I bought 50ML of brandy and my apple slices are currently soaking in it. I am not sure if I am supposed to slice the apple before I put it in, or do I put the whole apple in…this day is opening up a whole new world to me! I guess we will see when Jared and I eat our slices that have been soaking in brandy for 3.5 hours.

I am planning on this not being a pleasant experience. I don’t really like alcohol in the first place, apples are ok but nothing to get excited about, and just thinking about the combination makes me feel like I am going to hate it more then drinking cough medicine as a child. (Which I refuse to do now, I would just rather be sick then drink that stuff!) Next, year I will have to plan well in advance for this day and begin soaking my fruit. So here we go….celebrating National Brandied Fruit Day! Cheers!

3 hours later:

So Jared got home from school and said, “Usually people put this over ice cream or meat or something.” - Would have been nice to know BEFORE tonight! I really just thought that people ate fruit in brandy…obviously I have no idea what I am doing! I was picturing people scooping out fruit from a bowl of brandy at a party; sticking them with little toothpicks…this is not the case.

This is not something I would recommend…

That was disgusting! I must admit I had a glass of milk ready and I spit most of it out in the sink after chewing it for a few moments. You can tell by the pictures it was a…interesting experience!

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  1. You are very brave!

    p.s. I am wearing 12 buttons today...4 on my jeans, 7 on my coat (it's cold in our office), and 1 on my badge. Also, I have 45 buttons on my cell phone! That's a lot!

    Have a great day!