Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 17 – Mulligan Day

Well, it was a bit rainy here in Seattle today…imagine that and it foiled my plans for this day, because I had been planning on going mini golfing and playing until I had a final score of 18! Haha. Then I began getting all worried… what was I going to re-do for mulligan day? After contemplating it for some time I decided that I was just going to relax and have a nice lazy Saturday, re-do all the WAY TOO BUSY weekends I have had. I spent the day watching football, taking a nap, eating cookies, and topped off the day by lounging around my friend’s house eating cinnamon rolls and watching TV. Overall it was a fabulous day! A very good re-do day to the many busy days I have been having lately.

There are many different stories about how the term mulligan came to be most of them I read involved a David Mulligan and one a Mal Egan. Here s one story:

In one, a fellow by the name of David Mulligan frequented St. Lambert Country Club in Montreal, Quebec, during the 1920s. Mulligan let it rip off the tee one day, wasn't happy with the results, re-teed, and hit again. According to the story, he called it a "correction shot," but his partners thought a better name was needed and dubbed it a "mulligan." (
In the true sense of mulligan here are some people who could use a mulligan:

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