Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 24 – Make A Difference Day

I am writing in a moment of complete sadness….Michigan State just lost a really good game with Iowa. BUT the show must go on…

At first I was overwhelmed with today’s day...Make A Difference, I kept thinking I had to do something great, big, enormous, change the world! Then I realized: if I can make a few small differences it will help and I won’t be overwhelmed with this assignment.

Today was Pumpkin Bash day at one of the zoo’s in Seattle, all the animals were being given pumpkins to play with or eat. Obviously, I had to be there at 10:30am when they were feeding the hippos pumpkins. Jared and I got there about 10:15 only to find that almost all the viewing area was already taken up…surprisingly mostly by adults. We stood there holding our ground, but as it was getting closer to feeding time I noticed a bunch of small kids who couldn’t see at all. I decided this was a perfect opportunity to make a difference to some kids so I helped a few of them squeeze between the fence and a sign in front of me so that they could see. When the zookeepers threw in the pumpkins everyone was going crazy and fighting their way to the front even more. (Now you will remember from my previous post “Face You Fears” that I can’t stand being in pushy crowds, I get all hot and irritated – therefore I was standing on the edge and sent Jared into the pack with the camera to get some good shots!) After standing there and watching the hippos start to eat, I again looked behind me to kids and parents with absolutely no view…my view was not that great, but at least I could see something. I grabbed Jared and we gave our space to some thankful parents!

As we walked around the zoo we talked to all the animals, said hello and that they were looking good (I’d like to think that may have made a difference in their day). Next the bear area there was a place to donate to help maintain habitat for the bears, so I donated the change I had in my wallet…small difference, but everything helps.

I also bought crafting supplies to make a gift for someone, and I am pretty sure it will make a difference to them!

HOORAY! Remember you can do small things to make a difference, every little bit helps!


  1. great job meesh! I am sure the kids will remember the hippos eating pumpkins for a long time!

  2. You crack me up! Are you tired yet or still going strong? I really enjoyed your frankestein information. Your blogs are both funny and informative!-Andrea