Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10- Decorate A Cake Day

Through this blog I am hoping that it helps me to discover my life’s purpose…ambitious, I know, but I have to try something. Today I discovered…I am not supposed to be a baker or any sort of food decorator person!

I have a new found respect for cakes that are decorated nicely, even ones with frosting evenly spread upon them. Usually, when I make a cake it is purely so that I can eat it as soon as it cools enough to put some frosting on it, and sometimes I can’t even wait that long and take a piece with no frosting. Yes, I love cake, brownies, cookies…all that stuff.
So I decided that for today I would attempt two firsts.
1. I was going to make a 2 layer cake…never before been attempted
2. I was actually going to try to make it look like something.

I thought about going the easy way, making my typical cake, then frosting it, throwing on some sprinkles and writing something with the frosting pen things, but since this blog is for exploration and doing new things, I thought I should do a little more.

There you have it, it is a hippo. It is actually supposed to by my stuffed Hippo that I take almost everywhere with me. His name is Chubba. Here is a picture of Chubba next to the cake.

The sides of the cake aren’t covered in frosting because it was just falling apart while I tried. Jared and I are about to see if it is edible, so if this is my last entry…it wasn’t!

I solute you cake decorators; you truly have an amazing gift! My cousin Kathy, who lives in California, is an AMAZING cake decorator. I always knew that she was extremely talented, but after today I am even more blown away by her gift! Check out the cakes that she has made!  Click on the link and then at the top of the page click "Kathy's Hobbies".  (she also is a Christian Singer and has an awesome CD! also on the website!)

Late addition: My sister Katie took part in the day and she didn't even know it...we are mentally connected!  Here is her beautiful cake!

PS - if you ever participate in a day and want to send me  your pic to post on here please do!

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  1. Good work Michelle! Hippy would be looks just like Chubba!