Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5 – World Teacher's Day

I am discovering with this blog that I have such GREAT ideas on how to celebrate every day, but then I do not have the time or resources to do what I envision…for instance today:

Today I wanted to buy a bunch of flowers, write little notes that said “WORLD TEACHER’S DAY, Thanks for being a teacher!” on them and put a flower and note under the windshield wipers of all the cars at the elementary school where my friend teaches. I get out of work at 3pm so I thought I’ll have just enough time before the work day ends…

That led me to two thoughts…
1. School gets out around 3, so by the time I get there people will be gone and/or kids will be running around all over (not my forte…hence why I am NOT a teacher).

2. A teacher’s day done at 5…HA that’s a good one. Growing up as the daughter of a teacher, I am very aware that being able to go home at night and not bring a bunch of work with you is a luxury that teachers just don’t have. If somehow they escape the never ending pile of papers and tests to grade, they bring home concerns for students like how to best help little Suzy learn about primary numbers, etc.

So, I decided instead to appreciate my friend Jodie Queener for being a fabulous teacher in Redmond, WA.  She also is a very good role model for kids (very important quality for teachers to have), and someone I would want my kids to look up to.  (I happen to be related to about 10 and have at least 4 friends who are teachers so I consider myself a bit of an expert in “knowing a good teacher when I see one”.)

The best way to appreciate Jodie…ICE CREAM! I called her up and asked if I could stop by with a shake, or ice cream, or something to appreciate her contribution as a teacher. In the picture we have chocolate ice cream right below edge of the picture…mmmmm.

Also a thanks to the families of teachers who are often sitting around the table grading papers as well, helping clean & organize the classroom, and a host of other activities.

So Jodie thanks for being a teacher! TC thanks for being a supportive hubby to Jodie!

Quick shout out to my mom too, who now is teaching teachers! Love you Mom! Also, special round of applause to: Todd, Bill, Amy, Christina, Aunt Barb, Uncle Jim, Rhonda, Chris, Mike, Jen, Mrs. Mulder, and everyone else who teaches (I could go on for a long time)!

There is an official website for this day:

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