Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28 – Plush Animal Lover’s Day

I am a true Plush Animal Lover. When I was a wee child I had bags and bags full of these little guys. Now if you will remember from earlier posts, I honestly think that everything is alive and it is no different with my “plush” animal friends. I have a long list of my “friends”… we have:

Monk Monk The Monkey
Sparkie the Elephant
Bud the Polar Bear
Teddy the Grey Bear
Tim the Turtle
Fred the Bear
Brownie the Brown Bear
Buddy the Tiger
Softy the Dog
Muzz the Fuzzy Bear
And of course Chubba the Hippo

Believe me they all have their own personalities, you can ask anyone in my family about them and I am sure they have had many conversations with each and every one of them over the years.

I am just learning that plush does not include all stuffed animals, so I guess technically some of those guys may not have been “plush”.

I just love ‘em! I can always let my imagination run wild with the things they do during the day when I am not around, what and how they think and talk, it is a whole other world that I could always escape to.

Now, truth be told Chubba is still a very active part of my life; he sleeps with me every night. I know you may be thinking, “Michelle you are 26 get rid of the hippo!” But let me ask you - Don’t you love taking a nap and hugging a pillow or wadding up the covers to grab onto while you lay on your side? What about poofing up your pillow on one side just a little bit to lean your head against? Well for me I just use Chubba instead of another pillow or the blankets. My “pillow” is just way cooler then yours basically is what I am trying to say, and he has a little personality.

I say keep your plush and otherwise stuffed animals, no one says you have to grow out of it. Truth is people use other things in the place of these little creatures anyways, just because it doesn’t have eyes on it makes it ok to use?

Duke loves his plush animals too! Here he is with all his friends!

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