Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 8 – Kite Flying Day

Much like a kite I flew all over today. Jared and I left for Cancun, Mexico and we were up in the air a good portion of the day. I looked for kites while we were flying, but alas, I did not see any.

When we finally arrived at our hotel I was trying to think of how I could fashion a kite to fly. It was somewhat windy so something would have flown.

I contemplated tying a show string to an article of clothing, Jared suggested my bra, and flying it around, however, the thought of a “bra kite” just wasn’t that appealing to me.

I love flying kites, it is something I remember doing with my parents when I was small. I remember going to the Mackinaw Kite Company in Grand Haven, Michigan to get a kite with my dad. It was the first one we got with two handles. It was fun having it out on the beach learning to do tricks with it. The kite show in Grand Haven every year is really fun if you ever get the chance. It is right out on the beach and there are people from all over flying HUGE kites and doing all sorts of tricks.

I remember making a kite with my mom, it was amazing, I got to design it and build it and then we went out and flew it together.

I have great memories of kites; however, I feel this day must have been declared by someone in a warm climate in February…definitely no one in Michigan!

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