Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 13 – Get a Different Name Day

Today I named myself Kristy, I used to work with a girl with this name and she was really fun. Then Jared called me Kristy and I instantly remembered this other girl I knew named Christi whom am not so fond of so I changed my name again to Sam. Short for Samantha…but I go by Sam. This too is after a friend who is MOUNDS of fun! - Miss you Sam! Jared started out going by the name of Jasper…I have no idea where this came from, but I went with it.

On the way to the airport this morning I was thinking about how the name George should be written with the letter “J” instead of “G”. When you are learning the sounds of the alphabet the “g” makes the sound like Goat, or Go, and “j” makes the sound like Jump, Juice, which is what the “G” sounds like in George. (This is a little confusing to try to write since it totally depends on how you sound so bear with me). Therefore George should sound like Gorge (again said it with the G sound of GO, sounds like Gord with another G in place of the “d”).

Don’t ask me why or how I started thinking of this and having this very detailed dialog in my head on the shuttle ride to the airport, I just did. This is how my brain works people…random.

Anyways, I was telling Jared my George story and we decided to change his name to George (the GO “G” way of saying it.) I like it. I think maybe we should name our kid George someday or Jorje just to prove a point.

Also, on a side note, be careful celebrating this day while travelling. I am not sure the TSA would be very thrilled having you say your name is one thing and tickets being under another. – Just a thought.

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