Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 11 – National Inventor's Day

Seeing that today is our 3rd day in Mexico and 2nd day trying to stay OUT of the sun, I have decided that there needs to be some invention that let’s you know to get out of the sun before you burn.

I am not sure if this would be something you can put on you that changes color to warn you BEFORE you change color into that shade of red, when there is nothing more you can do then frantically keep lotion on yourself, hoping and pleading with your skin to forgive you and to not peel off your body!

Perhaps if there was a clear plastic coating of some sort that you could put on yourself and it would appear that you were still “normal” and so even when you were burned you could be out in the sun playing and not worry about keeping any sort of light off of your skin!
There’s got to be something…maybe a little device that you could hook to your bathing suit and when it has had a certain amount of sun exposure or reaches a certain temperature for a certain period it would alert you?

I am not quite sure yet what this invention would be, but I know I am on to something. I know there are many other people avoiding the sun at all costs on their trip, of which the purpose was to be IN the sun. Poor Jared got it the worst and has been hiding from the sun all day.

Here are some more kid inventors from Ellen:

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