Friday, February 26, 2010

February 23 – International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Duke volunteered to do all of the appreciation today! There are so many different kind of dog treats it is unbelievable. My favorite dog bakery in Seattle is the Three Dog Bakery. It’s really cute and they have all sorts of yummy treats. We used to always stop there on our walk towards Pike Place Market. Jared always ate all the free samples in the market (of people food) and we would usually get lunch too, so we always figured Duke needed a little something as well.

I haven’t done much exploring here for a dog bakery. Duke has no need for any more treats. Not only do I buy him plenty and stock up when they are on sale, he also gets them from family and friends all the time, not to mention his Christmas load that he gets every year. On top of this, Duke doesn’t get that many treats. He is not a big eater so if he has treats then he won’t eat any of his food later, plus I don’t want him to have a weight problem.

Today, however, was a different story. Tonight we laid out all of the different types of treats and biscuits that he has. (He actually has triple this amount, but since we are moving a lot of them are in the boxes in the garage…don’t tell him that)

He was so patient while I laid them all out in front of him. Then I made him wait so I could snap these photos of him!

My sister thought they looked so good she almost couldn’t help herself!

Quick funny story…I was in Wal Mart buying duke Beneful wet food (he only gets this like 1-2 times a month as a special meal). I was talking to the lady in front of me and she was saying that her dog and her husband loved it. It took me a minute but then I said – “I’m sorry did you say your husband likes it?” then she proceeded to tell me a story about how her husband was really making her upset then he was mad that dinner wasn’t ready…she pulled out one of these little wet food containers, put the contents of it on a plate, warmed it up and served it as dish she has made! Apparently he liked it, and no she never told him!

Hahaha! I thought that was great…don’t worry Jared I won’t do that to you – actually if I had a hot meal ready for Jared he would be suspicious anyways…am I a bad wife? Oh well, it works for us.

Anyways, I got off track, but go spoil your doggies with biscuits today…you can try one yourself if you want. Milk Bones really have no taste…

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