Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 4 - Thank A Mailman Day

The mailman; a much underappreciated person - driving their little fun cars around with the steering wheel on the “wrong” side. Always trudging through the snow and slush, rain or shine they will be there. I always think about how not delivering the mail some day is not an option. They will never have work cancelled, and if a mailman is sick they must have a huge long list of reserves waiting for the call to action. They also must have a quick repair process for cars/trucks that break down.

This was a fitting day for this holiday to fall on. It is the last day we are receiving mail in Washington. I wrote our mailman a note and hung it above our little box for him.

The mail is something I definitely take for granted; it’s so reliable I forget that there is such a huge process behind it. I think the mailmen really deserve more credit, and I am glad that they have this day that celebrates them. They deserve it. So thank you to all you mailmen and everyone behind the scenes.

However, if you are one of those people at the post office who is supposed to help people…you may be underappreciated but don’t take it out on the public. Under appreciation is part of the job and if you can’t handle it…you shouldn’t do it. If you hate your job it doesn’t mean you have to ruin everyone else’s day.

I hope you thank your mailman today!

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