Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 2 – Candlemas

So this day is to celebrate candles…and it’s a bit more confusing then that…I will try to explain.

There seem to be many different ways to celebrate this day. One way is to light all of your candles…which I cannot do because they are all packed up. Also, it was mentioned that this is a day to take down your Christmas decorations…mine have been down for over a month so that option was out. Other research I did said that this day is also called Pancake Day…which I don’t really understand what it has to do with candles…

Apparently pancakes, crepes, and other round foods are traditional food on Candlemas because they are round they represent the sun. Then it continued to say that Brigid is the goddess of fertility and creative inspiration, and also to clean out your fireplace.

If you can make sense of any of that let me know. I made some round rolls, since those seemed to be representing the sun and apparently that is what you are supposed to do on Candlemas.

Really this day just confused me more and more which is how you are probably feeling right now.

So…I guess eat something round…clean the fireplace…and be creative in how you do it? I am so confused…hopefully tomorrow is more straight forward!

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