Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 16 - Do A Grouch A Favor

Well, Jared and I figured out that we have taken 7 flights in the past 3 days and 12 flights in the past 10 days…I fear that we may be the grouches!

Again we were travelling today…our last trip from Seattle to Michigan where we are happily now officially living.

Today we had a run-in with a Budget worker who had no idea what she was doing, a man on the plane who didn’t know how to put his seatback in the upright and locked position, and a man who refused to sit in his seat until his row was full…trying to help other people while really just causing mass chaos!

So in order to save everyone from our grouchiness we did favors for ourselves.

• We bought yummy bagels to take on the plane (me without food = automatic grouch)
• We got ourselves some cards to play and entertain each other
• Jared watched the MSU game in the O’Hare Airport
• We told each other when we were starting to get grouchy
• We drank all the free pop on the plane that we could
• We rubbed our earlobes saying “woooosahhhh” to calm ourselves

So I hope that we weren’t the “grouch” in too many people’s days. We really tried hard not to be.

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