Friday, February 19, 2010

February 18 – National Battery Day

No, today is not a day that is open to beating up others. This is battery as in those things that run all your gadgets and gizmos, along with those whose-its and whats-its.

Yes the battery, a great invention. Who would have thought that they would eventually be taking over the world? Here is a list of the batteries I used today:

• Car battery – Ooo and I looked at the battery under the hood of our new car that we bought today! (well new to us anyway)
• Cell phone
• Camera
• Computer (apparently a lot of things you use batteries for start with the letter “C”)
• IPod
• My clock has a battery in it, however it is not currently being used
• Remote Control

I am fan of Duracell, I am not quite sure why, I am a very brand loyal person. I like what I like; I don’t need a good reason. I have a hard time switching brands of things, and for me the copper top just does it. I think it might be because the black and copper colors look more reliable to me then the cheap looking stripes on the Energizer - along with the fact that the bunny just annoys me.

Enjoy your battery operated things today; don’t forget to charge them up! And I strongly suggest the copper top!

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