Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22 – National Walking the Dog Day

Walking the dog should be an every day activity as my sister pointed out. However, today I think that we should pause and take time to really see the joy in our little pups when we say those magical little words “You want to go for a walk?”

When we ask Duke this, we have to say it a few times. The first couple he just looks at us like – are you really going to take me or are you just joking around…and if you are joking this is NOT funny.

Once he believes us he jumps around for a few minutes does a couple full body stretches and then follows us around until we are ready. Duke literally will herd me towards the door. I have to keep reassuring him saying, “I’m coming, I just have to get my coat. Don’t worry; I know we are still going to go for a walk.”

I think it is so funny to think that the simple act of going outside and walking gets these little guys so excited. It literally is the highlight of their day, so much excitement to simply take several steps in a row outside. Duke gets a surge of life, his paws barely able to keep still, eyes full of hope and excitement about what smells and sights he will see on this walk.

Sadly today I will admit Duke’s walk was pretty pathetic. It snowed about 4-6” last night here and the road is packed snow and very slippery. Duke wasn’t having too much trouble with it, but I got a little ways down the road and already had about 23 close calls on falling face first. We decided to turn around and play with a tennis ball in the snow which actually turned out to be one of his new favorite games.

Take some time today to really try to see and experience the joy your pup has when you take them for a walk.

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  1. Emmett enjoyed a good romp in the snow today and a walk around the neighborhood as well. He can definitely relate to Duke's excitement about walks as well as the "are you really taking me" look. Yay for walking the dog!!