Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 20 – Hoodie Hoo Day

Today is a Northern Hemisphere Holiday. Officially on Hoodie Hoo Day you are supposed to go outside at noon and chant HOODIE HOO to scare away winter. It is also supposed to help with cabin fever.

I think someone had a major case of cabin fever and couldn’t take it anymore ran outside like a maniac and started yelling, then a few days later spring came and thus was born Hoodie Hoo day. Another one of my theories is that a mom had too many small hyperactive children inside and told them to go chase winter away by going outside yelling and running around like fools. Come to think of it, maybe in some way my mom was the inventor of Hoodie Hoo Day.

Either way, today we joined in the insanity! We (my mom, step-dad, Jared, Duke, and I) went outside at 12 noon chanting and yelling HOODIE HOO as we danced around in a circle. It was quite entertaining. I am sure that it is great family bonding as well. The neighbors probably thought we all fell off our rockers, but we didn’t care we were a family chanting, hollering, and dancing together. If winter goes away then they will all think we are great, probably bring us some sort of reward and ask to join in our next dance.

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