Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6 – Pumpkin Chunkin’ Day

I am a bit of confused by the name of this day, it is written Pumpkin Chunkin’ Day, but it is about Pumpkin Chuckin’. I think there was some typo somewhere along the line and it just stuck…so I’ll go with it.

Pumpkin Chunkin’ Day is a week after Halloween so you are supposed to chuck your jack-o-lanterns…this is also the day to catapult your pumpkin with some homemade device…maybe next year we will attempt this!

Today presented a few obstacles:
1. We didn’t have any pumpkins
2. I didn’t get home tonight until 11pm
3. It has been pouring rain all day

Jared was going to go on a massive pumpkin search, however, I went to the store today with a friend and what was sitting outside…PUMPKINS for sale! (Pumpkins are not that easy to come by after Halloween.)

Tonight at about 11:20pm Jared and I drove to an undisclosed location somewhere in Western Washington to chuck our pumpkins. It was down-pouring which made it even harder to capture these great action shots. My first pumpkin was chucked and I heard a great SPLAT….couldn’t see it because it was raining and dark, so I had to rely on my other senses. I threw my second one and this time it was more of a thud. Next up…Jared…

Jared wound up with all his strength to throw his pumpkin deep into the woods. As I stood behind the camera just waiting for him to go thinking that this was going to be the biggest splat of the night…he started to swing…I looked in the air…Nothing…then I looked back at Jared…2 feet in front of him was his pumpkin laying on the ground! It was hilarious. We were standing out in the pouring rain, Jared had the biggest wined up and (he says) the stem of the pumpkin fell off right when he was catapulting it into the wilderness.

Luckily, he had one more to throw, and it was a very successful launch. This was a very fun thing to do actually; I think we will start celebrating this holiday every year.

Get rid of your pumpkins if they haven’t already sunken in on themselves. Go do some Pumpkin Chuckin’…or Chunkin’ whatever you prefer.

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