Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24 – Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

It is amazing what you can learn about people by asking this simple question: Do you have a unique talent?

Today I learned that I work with a very talented bunch! One of my co-workers used to be a very good baton twirler, one can make AMAZING noises with her mouth (hard to describe, but different types of whistles and clicks, and can talk really fast like an auctioneer and like Donald Duck! – She was overflowing with talent! Here is a picture of her performing one of her “reverse” whistles), two one of my coworkers can touch their tongue to their nose, and finally - and I feel most amazing, one can put both feet BEHIND HER HEAD!

My sister, Katie, can roll her tongue into 3 loops.

Jared’s talent, as I touched on yesterday, is remembering random facts and trivia.

My talent…I would have to say I can do some tongue loops, and I can yodel. Now I don’t know if yodeling is a talent…I mean, if you learn how anyone can do it. Oh well, it is my talent and I am proud of it.

Try asking around what people’s unique talents are…you will be amazed by the people you see everyday…you have no idea what they are capable of!

Do you have a unique talent?

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