Friday, November 27, 2009

November 25 – Shopping Reminder Day

One month until Christmas Day! Start shopping people!

This year, I am reminding other people to shop, but I do not have to remember. We are not doing gifts this year, we are going home for Christmas - back to Michigan - and that is our gift to ourselves and our families. Therefore, my gifts have all been purchased!

Good luck to those of you who are heading out into the madness of Friday! I will be in my bed…well, and then at work, either way I will not be in the stores. This is getting a little out of control; I heard that one store is opening at 3am! Wal-Mart is not even closing this year, but you can’t purchase the “door buster” deals until 5am. This decision comes after years of people getting trampled when the doors open, last year resulting in at least 1 death! Seriously people!

Anyways, you have exactly 1 month to make all of your purchases! Try not to trample anyone in the process!

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