Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5 – National Men Make Dinner Day

Hooray for MEN!! This is truly a great day, although I feel I would appreciate this more if I was a mom and busy with 500 other things, or if I felt I had to make dinner every other night. Honestly, this isn’t a rare occurrence in our house. Jared has become the house chef if it is anything beyond Mac & Cheese or Katie Casserole. Lately with Jared in school 4 nights a week, we are mostly on a “whatever I can grab while I run out the door” menu.

One time Jared and I were making Pounded Chicken – one of my favorite Herm recipes! We didn’t have a big pan to make all the chicken in so we decided we would each just make our own next to each other. We had all the same ingredients out, used them all at the same time, did everything the same….mine was un-edible – it ended up being thrown away. Jared’s, however, was gourmet! It was sooo good, and he just sat in front of me eating it, talking about how great it was while I ate my bowl of Corn Flakes…Boo.

Jared just got home from class and he is offering to make me Ravioli or Spegettios (from a can).

I just went to spy on him and he is making a pizza! YUMM!

Other hubby’s participated in this day too! Here is my friend John making dinner for his beautiful pregnant wife Adriane!

Hooray for men!  Thanks hubby for participating in the day and helping me to celebrate all my days!

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  1. What is Pounded Chicken? Sounds intriguing... I imagine you guys simultaneously and rhythmically bashing a chicken apiece...