Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2 – Cookie Monster Day

I feel that Cookie Monster and I have a lot in common. First of all, we both LOVE cookies! I love the color blue…he is blue…and again, we both LOVE cookies! We actually have the same favorite kind of cookie = Chocolate Chip! He has very googly eyes, and I am told when I eat something I really like (like a good cookie or other dessert item) my eyes cross momentarily. I am eating Oreos as I am typing this to fully get the Cookie Monster effect (I have eaten about 6 today so far and I am not done...have to celebrate the day!). I love how Oreos always get all over your mouth and teeth no matter how carefully you eat them.

Here is a little background on Cookie Monster:

• He has a mom, dad, sister, and identical-cousin
• His parents share is outrageous appetite
• His second favorite cookies are oatmeal
• Most famous Phrases: “Me want cookie!” “Me eat cookie!”
• Voice of Cookie Monster
    o Frank Oz – From 1969 to 2002
    o David Rudman – From 2002 to present
• In 2006 Cookie Monster decided that cookies were a “sometimes food” and started to head more towards fruits and veggies. (I am in total disagreement with this; I love the old Cookie Monster!)

Here is Cookie Monster singing his most famous song: C is for Cookie

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