Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15 – National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Whoever thought of this day…I curse you! This is not a fun holiday, this is not enlightening me, and this is work! Booo for dirty fridges. Jared had to help me with this day because I did discover some old casseroles that just didn’t get eaten in time. I gag whenever I have to throw out old food…this is where Jared comes in. He kindly disposed of the old casserole, noodles, cheese…oh and I found some salad dressing that expired in July! Haha…maybe this day is useful after all. I took everything out and cleaned the fridge with my Norwex cloth.

*Shameless Plug: Norwex is a “cleaning system” that is totally chemical free – you can get rid of all the chemical cleaners in your house and replace them with a Norwex antibacterial cloth and water – you get things cleaner then you can with bleach – saving you time & money, and saving the earth from chemicals and more waste! They also have organic personal care products. If you would like to know more you can check out their website at and lucky for you I am a consultant…so if you have questions or would like to order something you can email me at
As I was saying: Now my fridge is sparkling clean! I had a minor mishap with the drawers…I pulled them out to clean them and couldn’t figure out how they went back in. I started yelling from the kitchen… “I need an engineer, help, help” and my lovely hubby came running to my rescue and quickly had the drawers back in their original positions!

If you clean out your fridge and find something worse then or comparable to my July expired dressing let me know! Here are the before and after pictures:


  1. My fridge is pretty bad too Michelle. I'm sure I could top you, but I'm not ready to find out. It is a little too scary.

  2. I can clean out the inlaws' fridge and find much more expired items than yours! Ryan and I were alarmed to find dressing from 2007 and I think the syrup we found was from 2001. However, they told us not to dump one had died yet. Very reassuring.

  3. I was just going to comment that I have lots of old stuff in my fridge when I read Laura K's comment on my fridge. It is true - I have lots of old stuff and we are still alive!!!