Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12 – Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

OOOOOO Chicken Soup, all bundled up in a blanket sitting in front of the fire feeling the warm noodles gliding down your throat, snow flakes falling outside...sounds lovely doesn’t it.

Not to me. I hate chicken soup! If I truly had chicken soup for my soul….we would NOT be in a good place people. I know that everyone is supposed to like chicken soup, it is what everyone offers you when you are sick, and it is what you are supposed to eat/drink…(what are you doing with it anyway?) on a cold winter day. I discovered this many years ago and I came up with my own title…Hippo Cake for the Soul…when I am feeling down or want to feel all warm and snuggly inside those are the things I need. My hippo and a BIG piece of cake! I actually made my own book with that title, it was a collection of stories, quotes, and other things that I really liked. All members of my family have it, it is a great read if you ever get the chance.

To celebrate the day I ate my other “Chicken Soup” a brownie and a Pepsi! OOO there is nothing better, and then I am going to watch last nights CMA awards and scrapbook. It is looking to be the PERFECT night!

There are over 105 different titles to the actual Chicken Soup for the Soul books; I think they have hit every kind of “soul” by now.

I think the point of this day is just to do something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. While you try to think of your chicken soup I’ll be scrap booking away in front of the TV eating a brownie and chugging a ice cold Pepsi! MMMMMM

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