Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4 – National Chicken Lady Day

I was quite excited for this day. I had visions of being the “crazy chicken lady” doing the chicken dance all over, perhaps standing out on the street corner acting out my best chicken expression. I was sure there was some GREAT story for this day. Full of possibilities to be creative with all the chicken things I could think of! As I sat down to research this day all my dreams came to a screeching hault…

History of the day:

Dr. M. Tina Dupree is known also as “The Chicken Lady”. She worked as the Director of Community Relations and Training for a major fast food chain (2nd largest chicken restaurant chain in the world). Through her work in the community she gained the name “The Chicken Lady”. After working there for 12 years she quit, but the company hired her back as their spokesperson. She is a public speaker now and makes presentations all over for the past 15 years. Tina was invited to meet President Bush in the Oval Office because of her efforts in raising the educational standards in her community. President Bush proclaimed November 4 as “National Chicken Lady Day”.

So, no chicken dance, no clucking out in the streets, no chicken dinners, basically we are supposed to be celebrating raising educational standards and Tina’s community involvement.

Well this day was certainly educational…not too exciting however.

I couldn’t resist! This is the tamest “Chicken Dance” I have ever seen…I kept waiting for something crazy to happen…I almost didn’t believe this was real….

Here is what I was more envisioning myself doing today…and believe me I was ready to do it! Then people would all point and say, “Look at the crazy CHICKEN LADY!”

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