Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22 – Start Your Own Country Day

Behold the flag of Upukacha – Land of the Good-Hearted
(pronounced - Up-a-ka-cha)

National Animal: Hippo
National Bird: Penguin
National Flower: Star Gazer Lily
National Anthem: Chicken Fried - Zach Brown Band
National Tree: Big Ones
National Colors: Yellow, Purplish/Blue, Blue, Grey, White
Leader: Jared & Michelle Vermeulen (Co-leaders)
Most famous citizen: Duke Vermeulen

Things you do in my country:
1. Everyone should speak with honesty and respect.
2. Everyone has the right to take dogs into any place they would like to as long as they are not causing a big disturbance.
3. Do not take things to seriously, lighten up people.
4. Serve others
5. Work together; don’t become only worried about yourself and your family.
6. You are strongly encouraged to play outside everyday for at least 2 hours – kids AND adults
7. Sit on your front porch and get to know your neighbors
8. Ice Cream, brownies, cupcakes, or cookies should be eaten frequently.
9. Everyday is a holiday and will be celebrated as such!
10. You can always have the day off work for a family emergency
11. Work will be Mon-Thurs 8-4 with mandatory 4 weeks of vacation every year.
12. PLAY! (This includes adults as well, Ellen stated “we all stop playing as we get older and I don’t know why” – Me either Ellen!)
13. Everyone is strongly encouraged to watch Ellen everyday to get a daily dose of laughter and dancing!
14. Do something nice for someone else everyday.

Population: 3 - we are welcoming new citizens but you must pass our entry exam:
1. Do you promise to follow the rules above?
2. Will you have a positive outlook on life?
3. Will you be there to support other members of the country when they are down?
4. Will you encourage other citizens to pursue their dreams?
5. Do you love Duke?

If you answered YES to all of the above questions….CONGRATS! You are a citizen!
Enjoy our should learn this if you are a citizen!


  1. You've obviously put a lot of thought into starting your own country! i think it's a great idea to promote this holiday...might get more people's imaginations working! :)

  2. Well, I would like to apply for citizenship, and since I was able to answer all the questions positively, I think I am in. A perfect place to be. Thanks for inventing it!

  3. I want to join too!!! I love your blog, Michelle. It always brings a smile to my face. If I may say so myself, you are a great example of what a star citizen in your country should be! Good job!