Friday, November 27, 2009

November 26 – Thanksgiving Day

It occurred to me today that not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving the same way. At Thanksgiving I expect certain food and activities. Growing up we would go to my Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, watch the parade and Lion’s Football game, eat a great meal (my portion of the meal consisted of turkey, gravy, crescent rolls, jello, and milk), then we would lay around for a bit, then came the traditional walk on the Grand Haven Pier – where my Aunt Barb would have to force us all to go, but looking back it was a great tradition and I am glad I was forced for so many years! – Then back to the house for games!

As I talked to other people about their Thanksgiving plans they were not at all like mine, and I started to realize how different Thanksgiving is to different people.

Today, Jared and I woke up and watched the parade, I ooo’d and ah’d at the balloons – Snoopy was my favorite. We watched the Lion’s lose once again, took Duke to the dog park, I took a nap, and then we headed over to our friend’s house where they had prepared an AMAZING meal! After the meal we rolled ourselves in front of the TV for a good movie, a game of Euchre and then back home to bed. It was a great Thanksgiving! I don’t like not being able to be with family on the holidays, but if you have to be this was the next best thing.

I have so much to be thankful for, I can’t list them all but here are a few:

• God
• Family
• My Hubby
• Duke
• Friends
• Our little apartment
• All of my memories
• Cameras
• Tostino’s Pizzas
• And of course Pepsi & Cookie Dough!

Little Known Thanksgiving Facts:
• The first Thanksgiving was in 1621 and was celebrated in October. In 1941 congress issued a national proclamation setting our Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday in November.
• During the winter of 1621-1622 there were so many new settlers it eventually forced the pilgrims to live on 5 kernels of corn a day. At the next Thanksgiving the first course was 5 kernels of corn so that no one would forget.

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