Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13 – Guinness World Record Day

Well, I must admit up front, I feel I have not been doing the holidays justice lately…therefore I am renewing my commitment. These sorts of things happen you know, and I want to apologize. I promise to do better in the future.

Now that we got that out of the way. There are world records for the craziest things, I think world records are for people who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame, what would be the point otherwise of driving backwards for 40.38 miles in 5.5 hours in a semi…it is a sad cry for attention if you ask me. Who just wakes up one morning and says, “ya know I was thinking I am going to pull a huge truck by attaching it only to my hair”.

Then there is the guy who “Typed the Most Books Backwards” I am not even sure what this means; did he start at the end and type the last word first all the way to the front, or the last letter first so it would be: “I walked to the store” = “erots eht deklaw I” Does he always read in front of a mirror? I mean that is great that he did that…I guess, but what do you do with those books now? I am baffled.

I think Jared and I broke the record for waiting the longest to get the least amount of fabric cut in JoAnne’s today. We wanted a little bit of mesh type material to build a contraption on Duke’s travel cage…long story. Anyways, we needed 1 maybe 2 yards just to be safe of this black mesh. We turned the corner to head towards the cutting area and OH MY WORD there was a crowd gathering around the sacred “cutting table”. I went to go look for some other things we needed and Jared stood there, I got back 5 minutes later and he said we were number 29 and they were on 19. Now you must understand we were sitting there with one little tiny thing of mesh and all these other CRAZY women had 5-12 things of fabric in their carts…Oh and to make it worse there was only 1 person working behind the counter. Finally, after about 50 minutes we got up to the counter, and 45 seconds later we were done. Then we headed to check-out and…you guessed it, all the people that were waiting by the cutting table were now waiting in a long line for the 1 cashier that was working! Well, we made it out alive with our mesh, Duke was a little cold as he had been sitting in the car this entire time. You have got to have some stamina to be a seamstress I tell ya…way too much stress for me.

Check out what happened today on Guinness Book of World Record Day!

These records were set today in the US:

Memphis: Largest Cheerleading Dance   New Record: 297
Dallas: Most People Lassoing    New Record: 23
New York: Largest Number of Lip Stick Prints   New Record: 1,817
New York: Largest Cup of Hot Chocolate/Cocoa    New Record: 4 gallons
Across US: Most People Cup Stacking Simultaneously
Miami: Longest Marathon Reading Aloud by a Team
New York: Most Hoops Hula Hooping Simultaneously   New record: 132 hula hoops
New York: Longest Dreadlock    New record: 19 ft 6.5 in

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