Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29 – National Square Dance Day

The skirt in square dancing seems to be the most important part of the dance. I tried to think how I could make one with the clothes I already had, but I was unable to come up with anything that was even close to the puffiness of the square dance skirt. Square dancing would be fun if you know all of the couples in your square. It would also be good for people who can’t get or don’t like their own date, you are only with your specific person for small portions of the dance. It would make a bad date much more manageable…in fact, this may be a great thing to do on a first date. You can see how your “partner” interacts with others, how they are in unusual circumstances, and if you are a guy how your lady looks in a very poofy skirt! All in all I think it would be a win win situation.

There are many different websites that can coach you through square dancing, there is even a yearly convention - this year the 58th Square Dance Convention was held in Long Beach, CA. Start practicing now and next year you could be there!

For more information on square dancing check out this site:

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