Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17 – Take a Hike Day

Oh, my hike was beautiful! I was going up and down this dirt path in a big field with trees around, I hiked past a HUGE waterfall, through big rocks, it was amazing! I was following this guy for most of the time; Duke was running beside me, as we started to get to the end of the hike I really wanted to pass the man. I started running faster and just as I passed him…WHAM I fell face first into the grass and skidded a bit. He looked but didn’t seem too concerned.

Well, ok that was my hike on the Wii. It was raining and dark here and just not safe for a single gal to be going out into the woods at night on a hike all alone. Also, the fact that I have lived just about 4 years in Seattle and not invested in a rain coat didn’t help the situation. I decided to go on a Wii hike, it was very lovely, plus I got to go with my friends, I saw Adriane, Katie, Kemper, John, Jodie, like 5 dogs, and their were random people waving and cheering for me. There was great scenery and the sky was bright blue, the sun was out, apparently I was singing, cause on the bottom of the screen where it showed my progress there were music notes coming out of my head! It was a great hike!

Honestly, I have been thinking about this day for like 2 weeks. I was telling Duke we were going to go on a hike and everything. The day started out pouring, then the sun came out the whole time I was at work, and then on my way home it started raining again. It was the kind of rain you could see coming. On my way home I was driving on the line…it was perfectly blue to my right and DARK to my left – I could see the rain coming down in sheets. I love when there is a real line like that in storms…when you are driving and there is nothing and then 1 second later it is down-pouring…LOVE IT!

Here is me stretching before my Wii hike!

Anyways, enjoy hiking today if you can. If you have a rain coat, a flashlight, and other people to go with enjoy hiking outside in Seattle…if you don’t…feel free to come over and we can go on a virtual hike together!

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