Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1 –National Author’s Day

Dr.Seuss. He is my favorite author of all time. I love that his books rhyme, tell a fun story, but also have a deeper meaning. They are entertaining your entire life! Some of my favorites are:

Oh The Places You’ll Go
Green Eggs & Ham
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish
The Sneetches

I was thinking that this was sort of a boring day, didn’t really know what to do for it. I was talking with my sister and she had a good point “it might be if you read more books” this coming from the sister who every year for Christmas wants Barnes & Noble gift cards and always comes home with piles of books. She used to buy more books with gift cards from one Christmas then I have read in my entire life.

Needless to say I am not a reader. I go on spurts of reading…for maybe a month or two every couple of years, other then that…not really high on my priority list.   I do like to write, when I was a kid I used to write and "publish" books all the time.  Some of them were made up of squiggly lines that translated into vastly different stories everytime I told them.  I had one about a blanky that got lost it was called, "The Lost Blanky" (this one was written in actual words).

Here is my most recent top 3 list:

Eat, Pray, Love
Three Cups Of Tea
The Only Road North

And the classics:

**These are very educational**

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