Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 6 – Beverage Day

Three drinks pretty much sum up my beverage life: Milk, Water, and Pepsi! LOVE EM!

I am learning to love water more, I discovered that I will drink more if it is ready to grab in the fridge…not so much a “pour a glass” type of person.

Milk…OOO I love it. Sometimes I get cravings for Milk and I feel like I could drink a whole gallon!

Pepsi is my guilty pleasure of drinks, I figure – I don’t drink coffee, I very rarely drink alcohol, so Pepsi is my thing that I have to have. As much as I drink it though, if I stop I do not get headaches or anything…unlike some people I know…(Jared).

Enjoy your beverages today…maybe try something new!

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