Sunday, May 9, 2010

April 23 – Zucchini Bread Day

I am a BIG fan of Zucchini Bread but I have never made it before…as usual with me in the kitchen it can get exciting. First I had to figure out how many Zucchinis to buy, then what size chucks to chuck them into…you professional kitchen people take these answers for granted…they are very tough for someone with very little experience.

I tried shredding the zucchini into 2 different sized pieces and ended up going with the smaller ones. Then we finished the bread making and my sister suggested this “topping” thing saying that it was REALLY good…

Well, again I tried it…however it turned out to be plopped on in gobs not really looking as I was hoping…and it tasted…well, I made it…that’s good enough for one day!

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