Sunday, May 9, 2010

April 26 – Hug An Australian Day

Now THIS was a holiday I have been looking forward to since I started this whole thing…I don’t know any Australians, but the day is very clear on what you are supposed to do, so it presented a nice challenge.

When I thought I was still going to be living in Seattle at this time, my sister met someone one on a trip for work whose sister was going to be in Seattle about this time…(I told you I was serious about this). Then she wasn’t going to be in town on this day so then my plan was to go over to Microsoft and stand outside with a sign explaining that I needed to take a picture with an Australian…there are people from EVERYWHERE that work there…and just hope and pray someone would come hug a random girl with a sign!

Luckily, I am back in Michigan! I put out the call on Facebook that I needed to Hug an Australian and my good friend Becky answered! She is about to graduate from Michigan State University Vet School and knows someone there who is an AUSTRALIAN!

Today about 5:30 Becky and I loaded in the car drove an hour to Lansing to go out to drinks and HUG an Australian! His name was Matt, and he is from Australia! His family used to live more on the west side of the country, but recently moved to Sydney to be closer to him…I thought that was kinda funny. It was great…we went out to eat with a bunch of others who wanted to participate in the day. I gave him a great big hug when we got there…even thought I had never met him before…at least he knew it was coming…and then a hug again to get the picture!

Movies he suggested:
• Strictly Ballroom
• Lentel
• He Died With A Falafel In His Hand (gotta say that last one intrigues me!)

He also said that the movie AUSTRALIA was so embarrassing so…don’t bring that up when you find your Australian to hug!

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