Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 15 – Chocolate Chip Day

I am a BIG fan of Chocolate Chips…big surprise I know. However, I nearly let this day pass without eating them! Jared and I were fortunate enough to go to a Detroit Tigers game tonight and we had AMAZING seats…it was awesome. The game was in extra innings and it was about 10:30-11pm and I realized I had still not eating the glorious little marcels of chocolate called Chocolate Chips… then like a message from above I looked over and what vendor did I see walking down the aisle towards me…non-other then the Nestle Tollhouse lady with Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream sandwiches! Needless to say I got one and it was fabulous! I also love eating chocolate chips in the following ways:

• Plain, straight from the bag
• Melted on a bagel
• In brownies, cookies, cake, or any other baked good
• And thrown to me, and caught in the air!

Classic Friends Moment!

I couldn’t get the Embeded Info so go to Youtube and watch…it’s great!My

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