Monday, May 31, 2010

May 24 – National Brothers Day

I grew up with no brothers…my sister Katie wanted a brother, so since I was her last chance she took to calling me Michael instead of Michelle…it was ok…I was a tomboy at least…

Now I have all sorts of brothers, 2-step, and 3-in-law…it’s great. I called some of them up today and let them know it was National Brothers Day, and I think they felt pretty special. For Jared’s two brothers, I am currently the only sister they have…an honor I am very proud to have.

Day History:
National Brother’s Day was founded in 2005 by three young brothers, ages 2, 5 & 7, who wanted to do something special for each other. The first Brother’s Day was spent historically at “Build – a – Bear” in Las Vegas, NV.

So go do something with your brother…maybe Build-A-Bear…

When searching for pictures of my “brothers” for this page, I discovered that they are a little trickier to get pictures of then sisters…we’ll have to work on that. This picture is me and my broooothwa (that’s what I call him) Todd!

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