Sunday, May 9, 2010

April 21 – Kindergarten Day

I love kindergarten! I love those books that you would get for each letter; the building blocks and my favorite…NAP TIME! I remember picking out my “Nap Rug:” with my mom. Then they were all in a big bin in the back of our classroom.

It’s funny when you are young how you HATE naps, you feel like you are missing great things…a nap is a more of a punishment then anything else. Now days I LOVE naps! I would give anything to have a scheduled nap time in my day!

My kindergarten teacher was Mrs.Zuiderveen (sorry, I don’t know if that is spelled correctly!) She was the coolest, and when you were out of Kindergarten you could go visit her at lunch time and she would make a smiley face or a star on your hand with her red pen…highlight of my day!

And don’t forget that special day…Kindergarten Graduation….congratulations you are officially at the bottom and going to be in school for a long time…I think it’s more of a pep talk then anything else.

Think back to your favorite kindergarten moment today!

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