Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 10 – Clean Your Room Day

HA, this is a joke, my entire house has been chaos ever since we moved in…thankfully this day is just pertaining to one room. Thank goodness it’s not clean your house or your area or something major…however, this did seem pretty major to me today.

Our room is pretty basic, a bed and a couple pieces of furniture. Our bedding doesn’t match the walls since being newly painted…the bedding needs to catch up, but we are waiting on that. Then we have a white piece of furniture and also a wood colored one which don’t match very well either, but have no plan of being replaced any time soon. So even with our room clean it still looks a little disheveled.

Anyway, I did the task!

Have fun cleaning your room…this isn’t a punishment from your mother…look at is as an opportunity to start over on messing it up…a do-over…and who doesn’t like a do-over!

**Speaking of do-overs I forgot to take a picture of it clean so here is a replica of what it looked like before I cleaned it! - Then just image it sparkling and neat and that is what it looked like clean!

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